Stabilizing faucet pads 12 according to our warranty conditions

Stabilizing faucet pads 12 according to our warranty conditions.

Stabilizing pads are used by users of mobile cranes, towers, spider faucets, tower cranes and industrial machinery. Lodax is a company part of the chemical giant CGK group. Lodax specializes in the production of rubber pads for mobile cranes and industrial machinery and offers a huge variety, which meets the needs of the market. Round, rectangular, specialized, pads for mobile cranes and industrial equipment are the necessary addition to any machine. The pads give stability to the machine when working and at the same time protect the surface on which they stepped.

Pads for mobile cranes.

Rubber tracks are another professional solution for protecting the surfaces on, which drive industrial and construction machinery. With their different load capacities, rubber tracks cover the needs of every user, which needs to protect the surface over which the technique will pass. The support blocks are a new and suitable solution for every industrial machinery workshop. With its large load capacity and flexible upgrade options, Lodax support blocks are safe to operate, they are easy to clean and have a long life. Naturally in the desire to meet the expectations of its customers, we at CRANEPADS.BG provide the opportunity to manufacture products according to the client's order. You can see all the offers by visiting the site

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