About us

Cranepads – Lodax is an experienced manufacturer, popular in the international stabilizer pad market, rubber tracks and support blocks. Thanks to the experience, which we acquired recently 20 years, we have been able to create close relationships with many clients, who expect from us to receive quality products and services.

You have a specific problem and are looking for a solution? Call us! We have a research and development team, which has engineers with a lot of know-how. Our solutions have been proven over time by being implemented in many sectors. We like to think with our customers at every stage: starting from problem definition to after-sales service.

We are aware of how plastics have a bad reputation for the environment. That's why our products are manufactured using recycled virgin plastic. In other words: recycled material is the surplus from the production of plastic semi-finished products, like sheets, rods, blocks etc. After being recycled, it is transformed into an entirely new and useful product, for example, a support pad. Making a product from recycled plastic does not automatically mean, that the quality is substandard!

As a producer, we have the ability to meet the expectations and needs of each assignment, which you sent us. On the website Cranepads.bg, we present our serial production, which is for the industrial and professional market. But given the experience, the knowledge, skills and equipment, that we own, we can produce almost anything, which you set us as requirements. Set us a task, and we will gladly fulfill it.