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Stabilizer storage box Cranepads/shoes 500/1 is the convenient way to carry and store your stabilizing pads. The Lodax Stabilization Pad/Shoe Storage Box is the right size and easy to assembly on each vehicle.


The storage box for stabilizing pads/shoes 500/1 is suitable for the following types and sizes of stabilizing pads:

1 substrate 500x500x40 / 50 / 60mm 1 Suitable for. 500Suitable for is a trademark of Platforms BG OOD. Platformi BG Ltd. is a company specialized in sales, rental and service of lifting equipment. We represent the following manufacturers and their product range: Electroelsa – Italian lift manufacturer, pick it up – Spanish hoist manufacturer, Shame – German manufacturer of hoists and ropeways(wired)suspended platforms, Boecker – German manufacturer of inclined lifts, inclined trailer lifts, crane-trailer, construction hoists, Torgar – Spanish hoist manufacturer, Bumpa - English manufacturer of tile auger, FB Gru – Italian manufacturer of self-extending cranes, PLM Hoist – production of industrial and construction hoists in individual sizes, PLM Lift – platforms for the disabled, PLM CarparkLift – garage lifts for cars, PLM HydrоLift – electro-hydraulic scissor platforms, hydraulic cargo lifts.

Stabilizing pads for mobile crane

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